We understand that no two fitness goals are the same. That’s why we’ve designed and developed our own unique Performance Protocol just for you.

Our 30 minute class programming allows you to find the right blend of strength and conditioning, cardio, and active recovery to help you achieve your goals!



This is the ultimate triple threat: 30 minute HIIT class formulated to combine all the crucial elements of circuit training, metabolic conditioning, and weight training to give you one exhilarating, heart-pounding, killer workout experience! This vigorous workout is designed to trigger the infamous “afterburn effect” which will increase your metabolic rate and your body’s oxygen consumption so you will continue to burn calories for up to 14 hours after you leave class!



Looking for that one workout that hits all your major muscle groups, boosts metabolism, AND improves cardiovascular health all within just 30 minutes?! This Low Intensity Interval Training class will offer perfectly structured endurance circuits alternating between periods of hard work and active recovery to encourage maximum energy efficiency of the body and promote efficient fat metabolism so you feel energized after a class and not fatigued!



This class will put the right kind of metabolic demand on your body to increase muscle strength, enhance power, and optimize fat burning! We’ve packed the best exercises into an intense 30 minute endurance circuit workout to recruit as many large muscle groups as possible. So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone a little and pick up some weights!


Stretch & Recover

Balance your workout routine with flexibility training and active recovery. Through a fusion of familiar yoga postures and stretches, this class focuses on building strength, body awareness, and functional movement to lengthen muscles and increase flexibility. Be ready for a full body stretch using movements to decrease muscle tension, improve muscular balance, and increase flexibility. Class may incorporate the use of the foam roller or trigger ball.



Looking for something more personalized?

We also offer small group and one-on-one personal training.
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