Our Performance Lab will give you access to our specialized group classes to optimize your athletic abilities. You can also take advantage of personal training and small-group training. Either way, it will improve your performance!


Generator Yoga

Designed to stretch and address shortened muscles. Whether we sat at a desk all day or went on a long ride, we all need to stretch! This yoga class will also address balance and alignment.


Generator Core

This class is designed to address often missed muscles especially those in our mid-section and pelvis. Strengthening the core will help with alignment, as well. Be prepared to get a ripped core!


Generator Strength

Generator Strength is designed to build strength throughout our entire body. Be prepared to lift heavy things such as kettlebells, dumbbells and sandbags.


Generator H.I.I.T

This functional mobility/stability class is designed to keep your heart rate high while moving through several specific movements with minimal breaks. These exercises are geared to help you gain strength in muscles you need for sport and life activities. If your body doesn’t want the high impact/plyometric bursts, perform the exercises without the bounce. Either way, prepare for a calorie burning experience!


Generator Tough

This class is especially designed to make you tougher, stronger, and more functionally stable . This is a challenging class! You’ve been warned.


Generator Mobility

Generator Mobility is designed to help you move your body into functional patterns to help increase flexibility and stability during life and sport. Being mobile is as important as being strong and stable. It will help you achieve becoming a 360 degree athlete.


Looking for something more personalized?

We also offer small group and one-on-one personal training.
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