Don't quite know what you need? Let us help you! We love to educate at Generator Athlete Lab! Let us create a package that's right for you! Read below to see where you fit best.

Desk Jockey Athlete

By day you sit a lot and when you get the chance, you squeeze in a workout, but you're not always consistent. You want to feel less sluggish, have less body aches and feel overall better. 

  • Infrared sauna for circulation and detox.

  • 60 min Massage for pesky knots.

  • Small Group Class-we suggest Stretch (yoga) to get you opened up and stretched out.

Non-Competitive Athlete

By day you work or you chase kids around all day. You try to squeeze in at least 3 tough workouts in a week but you're not quite hitting your goals of getting fitter, losing weight or feeling better in general. 

  • 30 min Infrared sauna to detox.

  • Whole Body Vibration Plate to improve bone density, increased muscle tone and calorie burning. Infrared Sauna followed by contrast hot/cold tubs, finish with Normatec compression to freshen up legs.

  • Small Group Class-we suggest a Strength or Tough class.

Competitive Athlete

By day you train at least 10 hours/week and you like to push the limits in your training. You like to challenge yourself daily, you regularly race, and/or you're competitive by nature. 

  • Infrared sauna has proven to improve sweat rate by 32%.

  • Normatec has proven to reduce muscle fatigue and improve both performance and recovery.

  • 60 min Massage.

  • Small Group Class-we suggest Core, Strength or HIIT in performance week and Stretch (yoga) in recovery week.

  • Contrast hot/cold plunge 3 rounds of 3 minutes each

HIIT It and Get It Athlete

You love to challenge yourself and get a hard workout every chance you get. You love to push yourself to do more but sometimes you get hurt and that frustrates you. This one gets you the best of both worlds. Performance and Recovery. 

  • HIIT class.

  • 30 min infrared sauna session or hot tub to get warmed up before the workout.

  • Whole Body Vibration Plate to aide in your recovery from the workout, help increase bone density

  • 90 minute massage.

  • Cold Plunge

Biohacker Athlete

By day you love to nerd out on things that might help give you an edge in life. You look for the latest and greatest 'biohacking' tools to help set you apart from the rest. 

  • 30 min Infrared sauna for detox.

  • Whole Body Vibration Plate to improve bone density.

  • 60 min massage.

  • Small Group Class.

  • Cold Plunge.

Glow and Go Athlete

You love to check out the latest fitness studio to get a good sweat. You try to eat healthy but you are always on the go so you don't know if you are getting it right. You have an area on your body that feels bothersome. 

  • 30 min Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy and/or our hot plunge to get your skin renewed, detoxed and refreshed. Take a quick dip in our cold plunge!

  • Small Group Class-your choice! HIIT, Strength or Yoga

  • 30 min Cupping session to relieve fascia and tension.

Injured Athlete

You are frustrated. You don’t know where to go. You don’t think you need to see a medical doctor, but you definitely need to see a specialist to help you with the pain you are having.

  • ART session with expert practitioner

  • 3 recovery lab passes