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Joseph D.

I first learned about the huge benefits of contrast baths as a swimmer in college. I would use the baths before mid-season competitions and would notice a huge improvement in being able to race fast while being tired. Now that I’m a professional swimmer, I use contrast baths every day that I train to help recovery, pain management, sleep, and performance. I simply would not be able to train as hard and often as I do without it. Generator has been awesome due to the fact that it is open early every day of the week; allowing me to come in after morning practice and be fresh for later training sessions. My ideal recovery protocol would be 30 minutes IR sauna, 3 rounds of 3 min hot/2 minutes cold in the contrast baths , followed by Normatec.  

1LT, US Army, Army World Class Athlete Program, 100/200m breaststroke

Howard Nirken.JPG

Howard N.

The one of a kind Generator Athlete Lab is a true gift to our Austin “Fit City” Community.  It allows ordinary people to take advantage of recovery tools that were previously only available to extraordinary athletes in the collegiate and professional Austin sports community.  It is an essential facility for me to help reach my goal of finishing a marathon. Our city is lucky to have forward thinking people like Jessica, Delphin and their team who have created an environment that promotes proactive health and wellness.  Try it out. You will not be disappointed.

Dawn McDaniel.jpg

Dawn McDaniel

Have you heard about the new Generator Athlete Lab that recently opened in the Seaholm Power Plant? The mastermind behind this one-of-kind facility in Austin is Jessica Tranchina. Quite the accomplished athlete herself, Jessica has had this dream for a very long time - knowing that Austin, being such a fit/active community, desperately needed a facility just like this. The Generator offers recovery tools such as hot and cold plunge pools, an infrared sauna and super cool compression boots. Additionally there are great performance classes all throughout the day that focus on core, strength, mobility, hiit, yoga and more. Proper recovery post workout is extremely important to all levels of athletes from beginners to advanced for peak performance, to refresh the body and prevent injury. I have tried the recovery lab many times since it has opened - mainly after my long runs. I do the plunge pools 1st - cold (52 degrees ), then hot (108 degrees) then cold again, followed by 30 min in the infrared sauna and wrap it up with 30 min in the compression boots. I gotta tell you my legs and body feel AMAZING the rest of the day (not how I usually feel post long runs). This routine will be essential to my training program to guide me through my training for my next 3 1/2 marathons. The staff are also super helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you Jessica for creating such a haven for athletes. Go check it out!! Tell all your friends about it!!

Lynn Finnegan2.JPG

Lynn Finnegan

Generator Athlete Lab has changed my life!

Class sizes are small and personal, sometimes 4 people or less.

State of the art recovery tools such as Normatec, Cold/Hot tubs and Infrared Sauna has opened my eyes to superior recovery methods.

Whether an avid runner, triathlete, yogi or novice you will learn, be inspired and challenged by a transformative team of instructors.

ANYONE who wants to optimize their fitness should check out this GEM in Austin!  One more thing…the massage therapists are AMAZING!

Jo Placencio.JPG

Jo Placencio

My massage with Damon was a massage like I have never had before. Damon's  extensive knowledge in Kinesiology along with his unique technique was an experience all their own. I will continue to see him for my massages because of the phenomenal results I received just from one treatment. He is a truly beautiful soul with magic hands.