Generator Athlete Lab believes that guided recovery is just as important as performance training when you are trying to reach your wellness/fitness goals. Research and experience has taught us that to perform at your best you must positively stress your body, prevent injury, and physically recover.  Generator Athlete Lab was created to provide a facility where you can have access to experts, proven recovery tools, and tried & proven services to recover, as well as specialized performance training designed to create balance and holistic strength to optimize your specific sports training. 

Generator Athlete Lab serves the Austin fitness community by providing a place where active adults of all levels can have access to recovery equipment, recovery experts, and performance experts once only available to professional and Olympic athletes. The Generator Athlete Lab team of experts has created protocols to optimize your goals.

Generator Athlete Lab is located across the street from one of Austin’s leading natural landmarks, the Lady Bird Lake and the hike and bike trail. Generator Athlete Lab is led and operated by Dr. Jessica Tranchina. She and her highly skilled team of practitioners treat Austin’s active community.

Jessica Tranchina

PT, DPT, NASM-CPT, A.R.T Certified Provider, CKTP


Co-founder of Generator Athlete Lab

Speak with Jessica for just five minutes and you will see her commitment to helping others achieve their goals is unmatched. Jessica is passionate about bringing the active community of Austin together from all fitness levels and athletic backgrounds; a place where everyone has access to the best tools and experts, as well as a place to gather to talk shop, go for a run, grab a coffee, take a class or get the latest treatment. Jessica has been an athlete most of her life. Training and competing in runs from the 5K to 50ks, triathlons from the sprint distance to Ironman distance, strength competitions, and figure competitions has provided her with opportunities to train from the best, learn from the best, be treated by the best, and compete with the best.  Competing, racing, and trial and error have taught her the importance of proper conditioning, nutrition, hydration, prehab, pliability and recovery. Her training and experience as a Physical Therapist has served her well in the discipline of studying peer reviewed research to build her knowledge base in the athletic world as well as in the medical world. This process, this life experience, and this passion have led her to create the Generator Athlete Lab; a place where the active community of Austin can come together to accelerate one’s athletic performance and recovery. She has developed the Generator Method that will specifically help guide others to better performance and recovery. Her team of experts will help you every step of the way. She is the owner of PRIMO Performance and Rehabilitation, started in Austin in 2010, where her expertise and unique skill set have been established as one of the best in her field. Studied Physical therapy at Boston University and University of South Alabama. PT, DPT, NASM-CPT, A.R.T Certified Provider, CKTP


Delfin Ward


Co-founder of Generator Athlete Lab.

Delfin Ward is a huge Carne Guisada taco fan and co-founder of Generator Athlete Lab, in that order. He also has years of experience of finishing athletic endeavors such as runs ranging from the 5K to the marathon and a couple of triathlons- all usually towards the end of the pack; but all with a feeling of accomplishment at the other side of the finish line.  With that said, it wasn’t until his mid-thirties that he started practicing some of the healthy tips and training/recovery protocols (that later became building blocks of the Generator Method) and started reaping the gains.  He knows he feels more fit and driven now than he did in his twenties.  Before devoting his work fulltime to Generator Athlete Lab, Delfin worked in healthcare as an Occupational Therapist. He studied Occupational Therapy at UTMB.