Where are you located?
Inside the old Seaholm Power Plant next to Boiler 9 in the Seaholm District; on the southwest corner of Walter Seaholm Drive and Cesar Chavez. 800 W. Cesar Chavez St. PP 120

Where do I park and how much is it?
There is garage parking at 211 Walter Seaholm Dr (Garage next to Trader Joe's) and we can validate your ticket for up to 1 hour. Street parking is $1.20/hr.

Is this facility only for professional athletes?
No way! We believe, at Genereator Athlete Lab, that any body can be an athlete. We welcome all to our facility and want to make you the best version of you!

Do I have to be a member in order to access your facility?
No. You may purchase a day pass to one of our group classes or to our recovery lounge. You may schedule a treatment without being a member.

What are the perks of being a member?
Unlimited access to our recovery tools, (if you are a recovery lab member), or unlimted access to our group classes, (if you are a performance lab member), or unlimited access to both, (if you have a membership to both). Members receive discounts on personal training, group training, and all services. Members will also have access to lockers, towel service, free coffee/tea, invitations to private events and functions, and much more!

Wait a minute. Did you say towel service?
Yes, I did! As a courtesy, members will have access to sweat towels for the performance lab and bath towels for the recovery lab.

Tell me more about the tubs, please!
Our cold/hot plunge pools are the only custom and permit fit commercial tubs in the City of Austin. They have passed health inspection with the best sanitation and filtration systems. They can both chill to 40 degrees and one can go as high as 110 degrees. You may get into the tubs with friends; in fact, we encourage it! We recommend getting in with a bathing suit or run shorts/sports bra, but be sure to bring a dry set of clothes with you.

I keep hearing abour your Infrared Sauna and I am so curious!
We have a full spectrum infrared sauna with chromotherapy, (red light, orange light, etc). The benefits of getting in a sauna are vast, but our favorite research is from Dr. Rhonda Patrick. She had runners get into the Infrared Sauna 2x/wk for 30 min sessions for 3 weeks and the runners were able to run 32% longer until exhaustion. Amazing! This is a group sauna. We encourage you to get in with friends! That said, clothing is mandatory. We suggest you wear running shorts and a sports bra, (for the ladies), or bathing suits.

Do you have a shower?
Yes! We have a large private shower room located in the wet room by the immersion tanks.

What is a good recovery protocol for me?
We can definitely tailor your own protocol for you if you would like us to, but as a general rule we suggest a 30 min infrared sauna session followed by an 11 minute cold plunge. Use Normatec compression garments when your legs are fatigued or have had a heavy training day to decrease the recovery time in between workouts.

You speak of the 360 degree athlete and functional mobility. What do you mean?
Our performance classes are designed to target often missed muscles that are important to improve athletic performance by increasing power, stability, mobility, endurance, etc. They are also designed to reduce the chance of injury, improve range of motion, and ability to perform life activities. How we will do that is we will move your body, in each and every class, into all planes of motion. Sagittal plane of motion is the motion we know best, (walking, running, squatting, deadlift, bench press, etc), and the one we move into a lot! It is important to also move into the frontal plane of motion, (side lunges, lateral hops, sidelying leg raises, etc), and into the transverse plane of motion, (lunge with rotation, woodchopper, rotation with use of band, etc.), in order stay balanced and strong throughout our entire bodies. 

What happens if it is raining during one of the outdoor classes?
Great question! We will hold the class inside in our community space if it is raining outside.

When should I arrive for my first class?
Please arrive 20 minutes before your first class or personal training session to allow for client intake and to meet with your coach.

What is your cancellation policy for memberships?

We have a 14 day cancellation policy, so let us know in email to info@generatorathletelab.com that you would like to cancel and we will cancel your membership as soon as 14 days post notice (or you can use the remainder of the paid month if more than 14 days remain).