Welcome to Generator Athlete Lab! We have so many great classes, services and treatments we know it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re new to Generator Athlete Lab, choose any or all of our new client specials below.. whatever you’re interested in, these offers are the best way to get started!




Free first group class

We have a variety of small group 30 minute classes including: HIIT Shred, LIIT Shred, LIIT FLex and Stretch & Recover. First class is on us!!*



Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, Cold/Hot Tubs, Normatec Compression, Vibration Tools. (REGULARLY $65)*


massage / wellness

Detox and renew with this limited intro offer: 30 minute massage plus #TheProtocol. Begin in our full spectrum infrared sauna, followed by our contrast hot and cold tubs. Enjoy our Normatec compression and finish with use of our vibration tools. Leave feeling refreshed and renewed. Only valid for your first massage session with us.


*please note: First Class Free and First Recovery Experience offers are for local Austin residents only. Anyone may enjoy the massage / wellness offer for your first massage.


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