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generating greatness

through wellness, fitness and community in Austin, TX



So, how is your life? Is it okay? Is it good? Is it great? We know it can be better. Your wellness and fitness can improve and can be optimized. 

 At Generator Athlete Lab, we utilize evidence based recovery tools combined with small group fitness classes to work towards your goals and to achieve results. Generator’s fitness & wellness protocols can reverse the effects of aging and toxic exposure, promote healing, biohack your fitness and body at a cellular level, and supercharge your brain. Enhance your well-being at the cellular level and take control of your health. Experience #TheProtocol.

Good is the enemy of Great.  Do you want to Generate Greatness?



We serve the Austin fitness community by providing a place where all of Austin can have access to recovery equipment, recovery experts, performance experts, and wellness experts to help optimize human potential. Our studio features the only contrast hot/cold tubs in Austin, full spectrum infrared sauna with light therapy, Normatec compression garments for legs, hips and arms, Rapid Release vibration tool, and Whole Body Vibrating Plate and we have developed a backed-by-science protocol to help you achieve your maximum wellness potential. We also have 30 minute small group fitness classes: HIIT, LIIT, Strength, Stretch/Recover. Our wellness experts provide the best therapeutic massage therapy, A.R.T, myofascial release, fascial stretch therapy, and cupping in Austin. We are your one-stop-shop for all things wellness and fitness.



Our Recovery lab is designed to decrease pain & inflammation, improve sleep & mood, increase metabolism, stabilize hormones, and supercharge your brain. Experience #TheProtocol.



Our Performance lab will give you access to our specialized small group classes to optimize your overall fitness by combining HIIT/Tabata style training, Strength, & Mobility.



Our Treatment lab offers therapeutic massage therapy, myofascial release, fascial stretch, A.R.T., cupping, gua sha scraping, and athletic taping. Keep your body tuned, pliable and pain-free.

The Generator Method

The Generator Method strengthens your athletic ability, no matter at what level you perform. Born out of years of intensive study, our six-pillar method combines nutrition, hydration, prehab, pliability, recovery, and conditioning.  

Located at Seaholm

800 W Cesar Chavez #PP120

Austin, TX 78701


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Whether you're a trail walker, a fitness enthusiast, or a professional athlete, our treatment, performance and recovery labs will help keep you healthy, fit, and strong, while keeping your pain and inflammation low. Supercharge your life, fitness and wellness in our state-of-the-art center.